Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave 2 could double speeds

With an extra spatial stream and way more way open channels, what does this update to the 802.11ac standard mean? Better Wi-Fi.
hidden risks of wifi

WiFi is evolving: What you need to know about 802.11 ad, ah, and HaLow af

As if WiFi wasn’t confusing enough already, soon we’ll have 802.11ad, 802.11af, and 802.11ah to figure out.

The Pros and Cons of 5GHz WiFi 802.11ac

802.11ac 5GHz WiFi has a lot of advantages over traditional 2.4GHz WiFi, but will it work for you? Here are the pros and cons of 802.11ac 5GHz WiFi.
802.11ac versus 802.11n

802.11AC versus 802.11N in practice

As we increase the number of devices we own, we must also update the tech in our homes. Such is the case with 802.11AC versus 802.11N.
5GHz WiFi

Here’s why you should use 5GHz WiFi instead of 2.4GHz

With keyboards, mice, headsets, speakers, microwaves and even wearables using 2.4GHz, here’s why 5GHz WiFi is a good idea!
5GHz WiFi 802.11ac - Pretty girl in grass with laptop using 802.11ac

In a world with LTE and HSPA+, why you should care about 802.11ac?

With HSPA+ and LTE available in most places, what about WiFi? Learn why should you care about 802.11ac on your mobile devices.