Google Play changes aim to take Android app security and performance to the next level

Android app security and performance will be a big focus for Google over the next couple of years, as proven by recently announced Play Store policy revisions.

No more 32-bit App Store search results, which further suggests iOS 11 will be 64-bit only

iOS 11 is almost here, and literally all the signs point to the new mobile platform version dropping 32-bit app support altogether.
iOS 11

Apple is expected to remove 32-bit app support from iOS 11 altogether

We don’t know much about Apple’s fast-approaching iOS 11 build, and one of the few rumors floating around is a bit of a no-brainer.

The wait for 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile may be holding back progress

It’s been two years since Android made the switch and we saw RAM counts peaking in the last year. So, why is Windows 10 Mobile still stuck in first gear?
Specs versus Software

Specs vs Software Optimization

Apps are getting more able but they rely on hardware to keep them running smooth. In the Specs vs Software Optimization war, which will yield to the other?

Upgraded Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 pops up in benchmark, 64-bit included

Could a 64-bit Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 be on the way? New benchmark data seems to suggest “yes” may be the correct answer.
Snapdragon 810

Why you should be excited for Snapdragon 810-powered phones

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 is unlike any SoC the company has released in recent years. Here’s why you should be excited – VERY excited.

Xiaomi announces Redmi 2, 64-bit processor and low price included

Chinese OEM Xiaomi has unveiled the followup to its low-price Redmi 1S smartphone as expected. Heres what we know about the XIaomi Redmi 2.
Nexus 6 wish list

Google Nexus 6 wish list

We’ve heard plenty of rumors, some contradictory, but what do users want? Here is our Nexus 6 wish list.

HTC Desire 820 hands-on: 64-bit, big screen, huge selfies (Video)

Check out our HTC Desire 820 hands-on video if you were wondering how the 64-bit processor, mega selfie cam, and big HD screen look on video.

HTC Desire 820 specs: an in-depth look at this Android’s innards

Our HTC Desire 820 specs list lets you take an in-depth look at the innards of the newest 64-bit kid on the block.

HTC Desire 820 announced at IFA as a 64-bit midranger

One of the first Android phones to have a 64-bit processor, the HTC Desire 820, has just been made official. Learn more about this flavorful new Android.
64-bit smartphones

64-bit Androids are here; should you care?

HTC just released the first of the 64-bit Androids, but did so quietly and with a big footnote that’s got some calling foul! Would you like to know more?

HTC teases 64-bit smartphone for IFA 2014

Check out the latest Desire 820 teaser, as an HTC 64-bit smartphone is seemingly confirmed.

Leaked Qualcomm SoC roadmap lays out its 64-bit future

Take a look at this leaked Qualcom SoC roadmap to get an update on the company’s efforts towards delivering 64-bit smartphone SoCs.

Samsung promises Exynos news for tomorrow

What new SoCs might we see revealed as part of tomorrow’s Samsung Exynos announcement?

Galaxy Note 4 64-bit SoC rumors return, alongside an intriguing puzzle

A 64-bit Galaxy Note 4? Sure, that’s easy enough to believe. But what’s this confounding analogy also trying to tell us about the phone?

Samsung spotted testing 64-bit Android phone?

Take a look at the benchmark data that appears to reveal a Snapdragon 410 Samsung phone, running that new 64-bit SoC.
Pocketnow Power User

Pocketnow Power User: 32-bit versus 64-bit (video)

32-bit versus 64-bit: What’s the difference? What are the advantages to both? That’s what we’re going to talk about on this episode of Pocketnow Power User.

64-bit SoCs for Android aren’t even out, have you already stopped caring? (Poll)

64-bit architecture for Android won’t arrive for months. Have you already lost interest? Take our poll on 64-bit SoCs for Android and share your thoughts!

That MediaTek-powered Nexus sounding more appealing after latest hardware rumors

Could that crazy-cheap $100 Nexus we heard about last week also be the first 64-bit Nexus phone?

Qualcomm announces pair of new 64-bit Snapdragon chips

Get the details on the very high-end new Qualcomm 64-bit Snapdragon chips to just be announced: the 810 and 808.

Intel cooks-up Android with 64-bit kernel

Find out what advancements Intel has been making towards a 64-bit Android platform.

When will Android support 64-bit chips?

Apple’s flagship smartphone and OS just got 64-bit support, which begs the question: when will Android support 64-bit chips?
64-bit smartphones

Everything you need to know about 64-bit smartphones

RAM, throughput, apps, VMs, and backwards-compatibility. Here’s everything you need to know about 64-bit smartphones and the apps and OSes that run on them.