T-Mobile will have “that phone,” the first Samsung 5G phone

The Un-carrier says it doesn’t have the “time and resources” to brag about having Samsung’s first 5G smartphone. Because that’s “BS.”

Timing shock for T-Mobile’s 600MHz and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50

From what Qualcomm has impressed the media with, it seems that T-Mobile’s customers will be chomping at the bit for 5G towers to use.

T-Mobile completes 5G connection over 600MHz

T-Mobile’s got plenty of space to work with in that 600MHz spectrum, but it’s taking the first step to deploy 5G on that network.

Alcatel 3T 8 drops Android Go to make its way to T-Mobile

It was the first tablet to bring in Android Go, but there’s more to the 3T 8 than dancing light on its feet. And it’ll get to do so on a major network.

T-Mobile speeds up Dallas TV station’s move off 600MHz

The carrier is helping to rush a broadcaster off the 600MHz spectrum it wants to build on to enhance LTE and push forward with 5G.

After the hurricanes, T-Mobile wants to saturate Puerto Rico with 600MHz

New network spectrum and a big canvas to brush it on. For a time, there was a debate about how to reboot Puerto Rico’s power grid. This is different.

Qualcomm releases new parts to add to Snapdragon chips to support 600MHz

This portfolio of amplifiers, duplex filters and other microcomponents are in testing now and should be out to serve T-Mobile customers next year.

Sprint and T-Mobile said to cling to as much spectrum before conceding to government

The FCC and Department of Justice are set to look at a merger between the nation’s fourth- and third-largest cellular networks. They’ll be making demands.

T-Mobile working with FOX TV to accelerate 600MHz transition

The third-largest network in the United States is working to get New Jersey’s WWOR-TV moved to its new channel space so it can get to work itself.

If you don’t have T-Mobile 600MHz support on your Snapdragon 835 now, you’ll never get it

The Galaxy Note 8 might have the Snapdragon X16 LTE modem and the proper transceiver and backing SoC, but it needs more hardware than that.

600MHz support out of the question for T-Mobile Galaxy Note8

T-Mobile might throw its weight around these days, bragging about a big…

T-Mobile 600MHz ambitions laid out in FCC meeting as it curbs TV’s edge

The two entities met and a paper was filed. T-Mobile spent a lot of time trying to dissuade TV broadcasters from doing anything they’d consider silly.

Other winners at the 600MHz auction get their pieces

The 600MHz auction wasn’t just a boon for T-Mobile. Regional carriers and wireless operators are now working on running transmitters for the new airwaves.

Will the iPhone 8 support T-Mobile’s 600MHz frequencies?

There’s a remote possibility that Apple fans may go without the best possible speeds that T-Mobile can provide this fall.

T-Mobile funds PBS stations’ relocation efforts in the wake of 600MHz auction

Many rural stations that extend their signal through translators wouldn’t have the money to realign frequencies or even shut them down without this cash.

T-Mobile 5G plans focus on 600MHz for building out starting in 2019

The Un-carrier is getting swole for “mobile 5G” in the next three years with nationwide distribution through its recently-acquired low-band spectrum.

First stage of T-Mobile 600MHz spread will be rural

T-Mobile took 45 percent of the spectrum offered at the 600MHz and it thinks it can paint a million square miles of its licensed space starting this year.

T-Mobile earnings for 1Q17 continue to impress as merger talks heat up

The Un-carrier has logged at least one million new customers per quarter for the past four years since the first two-year contract was shredded.

Legere claims win in T-Mobile 600MHz grab

The CEO of T-Mobile is getting a whole bunch of spectrum that will help it penetrate the country with LTE where it hasn’t been before.

600MHz auction officially ends with $19.77 billion in bids

With TV stations ceding spectrum to wireless internet providers, we’re now left with a conversion timeline that’s steeped in dispute.

600MHz auction ending in April, pot likely to hit $20 billion

From April, it will take 39 months for the TV industry to pack up and head out of the 600MHz airwaves in order for internet providers to move in.

Galaxy S7 Nougat, 600MHz Auction, and Battle of the Voice Assistants | #PNWeekly 236

Inexpensive Android One phones are making their way to the United States. The Galaxy S7 is finally (kind of) getting Nougat. The 600MHz TV spectrum is selling way below expectations, and we have a voice assistant showdown!

600MHz auction is over with a piddling $10 billion in sales

Well, at least the process can be called over. Wireless operators are still bidding for the next week on TV broadcasters’ spectrum.

US 600MHz auction rambles onto fourth round, bids decline

TV broadcasters which currently hold the spectrum had asked for $40 billion of the wireless industry. The industry bid less than it did in the second round.

600MHz auction resets as forward process ends with lack of demand

Not enough bidding took place for TV broadcasters’ airwaves in the US’s densest-populated markets to allow the FCC’s auctioning process to continue.