T-Mobile will have “that phone,” the first Samsung 5G phone
The Un-carrier says it doesn’t have the “time and resources” to brag about having Samsung’s first 5G smartphone. Because that’s “BS.”
Timing shock for T-Mobile’s 600MHz and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50
From what Qualcomm has impressed the media with, it seems that T-Mobile’s customers will be chomping at the bit for 5G towers to use.
T-Mobile completes 5G connection over 600MHz
T-Mobile’s got plenty of space to work with in that 600MHz spectrum, but it’s taking the first step to deploy 5G on that network.
Alcatel 3T 8 drops Android Go to make its way to T-Mobile
It was the first tablet to bring in Android Go, but there’s more to the 3T 8 than dancing light on its feet. And it’ll get to do so on a major network.
If you don’t have T-Mobile 600MHz support on your Snapdragon 835 now, you’ll never get it
The Galaxy Note 8 might have the Snapdragon X16 LTE modem and the proper transceiver and backing SoC, but it needs more hardware than that.
600MHz support out of the question for T-Mobile Galaxy Note8
T-Mobile might throw its weight around these days, bragging about a big…
Will the iPhone 8 support T-Mobile’s 600MHz frequencies?
There’s a remote possibility that Apple fans may go without the best possible speeds that T-Mobile can provide this fall.