Sprint and AT&T reach settlement in 5G Evolution lawsuit

According to recent reports, Sprint and AT&T have amicably settled the 5G Evolution lawsuit. Details are yet unknown but this is what we know so far.

Sprint takes AT&T 5G E lawsuit to the public in New York Times ad

The visibility of Sprint’s lawsuit against AT&T’s LTE-turning-into-5G marketing ploy has just shot up with a full-page ad and, we know, media coverage.

AT&T’s rebrand of 4G LTE to ‘5G E’ appears in iOS 12.2 beta

The “5G Evolution” is taking place with iPhones already with a beta update for iOS 12.2. Does this mean anything to the average customer?

AT&T rebrands some LTE as “5G Evolution” in network icon on its phones

AT&T has been calling LTE-Advanced technology, clearly a fourth-generation innovation, as “5G Evolution.” And people will have to know about it.

AT&T aims to be the first US carrier with ‘true’ mobile 5G service live in 2018

Enough preparing and testing the 5G waters, as the next-gen mobile connectivity standard is pretty much ready for primetime, at least as far as AT&T is concerned.

How to fix every Galaxy S8 review in numerous, difficult steps | #PNWeekly 250

We chat with Engadget’s Evan Rodgers on how to strike the balance between pitting visual hedonism with consumer nuance in our editorially-starved world.

AT&T 5G Evolutionâ„  with Galaxy S8 acts as a bridge to official 5G service

It is not 5G. No one has an idea of what kind of spec we need 5G to be. But AT&T wants to get started moving somewhere, and that “somewhere” is Austin.