Pocketnow Daily: OnePlus 7T LEAKED with a NEW CAMERA! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the leaks of the new OnePlus 7T and its camera arrangement, the four cameras on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and more
Sony rebrand leaked to turn Xperia XZ4 into Xperia 1
The Xperia XA3, still in the rumor pipelines, was rebranded as the Xperia 10. Does this mean the Xperia XZ4 will be the Xperia 1?
Samsung introduces 28 new 4K and 8K QLED TVs, pre-orders up now
And if you add the non-QLED television sets, Samsung has brought out 43 4K panels for the new year. They’re available via pre-order from today.
Google Play Movies now upgrading users’ SD and HD purcahses to 4K for free
In addition to the free upgrades, prices for 4K titles are also coming down and there are more and easier ways to blow up content on a big screen.
Verizon 5G Home service coming to four cities from October 1
First adopters want the service in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento can reserve their spot on September 13 and be rewarded immensely.
“Atlas” pegged by Redditor as a 4K Chromebook
Well, it’s a Chromebook in name so far, since it’s at least running Chrome OS for certain. It’s also said to be running on the same logics as the Pixelbook.
Qualcomm details Snapdragon 845 specs and focus points
It has a dedicated security processing unit, more artificial intelligence branches to camera and mixed reality processing and the beefiest cores yet.
The iPhone 8 and iPhone X camera experience, detailed
Three new phones, one new camera… essentially. And for the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, you’ve got new realities to discover with AR.
Apple TV 4k
Apple TV 4K goes official at last with… 4K streaming capabilities
Fittingly and unimaginatively called Apple TV 4K, the Cupertino-based tech titan’s latest digital media player can finally stream 4K content.
The OnePlus 5 camera is finally good: 4K video stabilization! (Video)
The dual rear-facing camera setup of the iPhone 7 Plus-inspired OnePlus 5 was never really bad, but now it’s so much better thanks to EIS.
Samsung joins HEVC Advance to license out and in H.265 tech
Samsung is now playing with Hollywood’s codec of choice for compressing 4K video. As a large TV and smartphone maker, it’s a big deal.
Huawei Mate 9 Real Camera Review: Second generation Leica dual camera!
Dual camera phones are a hot new trend. Has Huawei produced the best dual camera of the year? Here’s our Huawei Mate 9 Real Camera Review!
Are high resolution screens worth it?
Our screens keep getting bigger and high resolution screens are more common. But some might argue that 1080p is good enough. Are you one of those someones?
Do we need 4K 360-degree video glasses? The ORBI Prime proves popular
In its first day, the ORBI Prime has garnered half of its funding goal. People are excited for some action specs with bleeding edge video possibilities.
New Year’s Resolution for Sony? “48K” 360-degree video
The Japanese OEM took twelve of its Xperia Z5 Compact smartphones and put them in a special rig shooting 4K video of snowboarders and skiers.
quantum dots
Quantum dots may soon power your smartphone’s HD display
How many articles are you going to read that talk about Schrödinger’s cat and your smartphone display? This one, if you want to learn about quantum dots.