Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2500 chip could help make kid watches mainstream

Despite what the name suggests, Qualcomm’s all-new Snapdragon Wear 2500 platform is not a true Wear 2100 sequel. But it’s still an interesting wearable SoC.

Reloaded Nokia 8110 feature phone with 4G inches closer to global commercial debut

Spring is almost over, and the 4G LTE-enabled Nokia 8110, aka the reimagined banana phone or Matrix phone, finally has a price tag and semi-specific release date… in two Asian markets.

Microsoft’s first-ever LTE-enabled Surface Pro SKU is now widely available in three countries

Restricted to business customers for a little while, the Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced has gone up for pre-orders for everyone back in March, and is now available for rapid delivery.

Verizon’s CEO has a dream: month-long smartphone battery life with low 5G latency

In addition to vastly improved cellular download speeds, 5G technology could come with ultra-low network latency crucially contributing to monumental smartphone battery life.

Anyone can now pre-order a $1,449 Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced support

Available for Microsoft’s business customers since December, the LTE-enabled fifth-generation Surface Pro is now up for pre-order for everyday consumers too.

February state of LTE: global availability steadily rises, speeds have stopped growing

More and more countries around the world are enjoying “truly exceptional” 4G LTE availability scores, according to OpenSignal, but speeds are no longer surging at the usual pace.

Nokia 3310 4G casually goes official in China, commercially launching next month

Without so much as a heads-up, a Nokia 3310 4G version has surfaced on the company’s official Chinese website, unfortunately lacking pricing information.

Apple now tipped to retain Qualcomm as backup modem supplier for dual SIM 2018 iPhones

Intel may not be able to supply all required baseband chips for dual SIM-supporting 2018 iPhones, with Qualcomm also in the mix.

Cellular-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 lost LTE access in China a while back due to security concerns

The eSIM technology of the cellular-capable Apple Watch Series 3 may have cost it access to LTE networks in China, at least temporarily.

That long-promised LTE-capable Surface Pro is reportedly launching on December 1

Microsoft knows you’ve been waiting for a Surface Pro configuration with LTE connectivity since forever, likely prepping a December 1 rollout.

Two months after securing FCC licenses, T-Mobile begins 600 MHz LTE network rollout

T-Mobile has just switched on the world’s first 600 MHz LTE network sites, laying the foundation for an eventual jump to 5G technology.

More super-trustworthy ‘sources’ expect standalone Apple Watch Series 3 to go official soon

It’s pretty much guaranteed now, after hearing the same thing from separate, equally credible sources – the Apple Watch Series 3 is coming this September.

T-Mobile’s 600 MHz timeline is ‘well ahead of expectations’, with tests underway this summer

T-Mobile is looking to quickly capitalize on wide 600 MHz spectrum it spent nearly $8 billion on fairly recently, with a big deployment planned this year.

Samsung Gear S3 frontier and classic are finally available in Verizon stores with standalone LTE

Both the “frontier” and “classic” versions of the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch with LTE speeds have started selling with Verizon.

Latest research ranks US LTE availability in the global top five, average speeds near the bottom of the chart

There’s good and bad news for US mobile users in OpenSignal’s latest “State of LTE” report. Basically, LTE speeds are horrible, but availability is great.

Sprint Magic Box can boost network speeds by 200 percent, and it comes free for ‘qualifying’ users

It’s unclear who can get it and when, but the gratis Sprint Magic Box is pretty cool and innovative, easily boosting indoor and outdoor signal.

Jelly, the world’s smallest LTE and Nougat smartphone, reaches Kickstarter goal in under an hour

Who knew there would be so much customer interest surrounding the world’s smallest LTE smartphone, dubbed Jelly, and funded on Kickstarter in minutes?

Analyst predicts LTE-capable Apple Watch Series 3, no Lightning change on iPhone 8

This year’s third-gen Apple Watch is expected to adopt standalone LTE, while 2018 iPhones may mix the best of Lightning and USB Type-C technologies.

T-Mobile and Verizon are neck and neck in latest OpenSignal report in both LTE speed and coverage

Technically, Verizon leads as far as 4G availability is concerned, while T-Mobile edges its arch-rival in download speeds. But the gaps are microscopic.

Verizon has remote homes and businesses covered with new 4G LTE Network Extender

If you’re having trouble with LTE coverage and speeds on Verizon in remote locations, you could try the latest Network Extender before switching carriers.

Qualcomm paves the way for Gigabit Class LTE with Snapdragon X16 modem

The just-unveiled Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 modem could make theoretical 1 Gbps download speeds possible on phones by the end of the year.

T-Mobile introduces 4G LTE CellSpot to fill customers’ dead spots

It’s a known fact that all networks have their dead spots. T-Mobile…

For smartphone shoppers on a budget, TextNow Wireless is a great option

One of the worst parts about buying a smartphone is the monthly plan, so we tried out TextNow Wireless. Here are our thoughts on the MVNO 2 weeks in!

PSA: Will your imported phone work on your carrier?

If have an imported phone or you’re thinking about getting one, you want to make sure the darn thing works on your carrier right? We’re here to help.

From “no” to “whoa” in 15 months: a week on the new T-Mobile

When I tested T-Mobile coverage back in 2012, I found it subpar at best. But my recent return to the smallest carrier has shown me the meaning of comeback.