Pocketnow Daily: Apple launching SIX iPhones in 2020?!) (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about all the upcoming iPhone 12 variants, the huge battery in the Samsung Galaxy S11 and more
AT&T rebrands some LTE as “5G Evolution” in network icon on its phones
AT&T has been calling LTE-Advanced technology, clearly a fourth-generation innovation, as “5G Evolution.” And people will have to know about it.
BT will remove Huawei 4G equipment and excludes company from 5G bids
Britain’s BT Group Plc will remove all Huawei 4G equipment over the course of the next two years, in addition to excluding Huawei from 5G bids.
February state of LTE: global availability steadily rises, speeds have stopped growing
More and more countries around the world are enjoying “truly exceptional” 4G LTE availability scores, according to OpenSignal, but speeds are no longer surging at the usual pace.
Nokia 3310 4G casually goes official in China, commercially launching next month
Without so much as a heads-up, a Nokia 3310 4G version has surfaced on the company’s official Chinese website, unfortunately lacking pricing information.
Gigabit LTE is apparently real: Verizon hits 1.07Gbps on 4G
Qualcomm’s hope is that you’ll get to use the hardware at the heart of it. What we believe to be the Snapdragon 845’s modem is set on “fiyah.”
After 911 bugfix, OnePlus 5 power drain issues surface on Reliance Jio
The company has found that those accessing Reliance Jio through the second SIM slot may experience battery inefficencies with a poor 4G signal.
A Surface Phone? This is probably a patent for a Microsoft mobile hotspot
Don’t get your hopes up for a a flip phone-style device with Windows 10 Mobile on ARM64. Microsoft is apparently interested in that design for a hotspot.
Reliance Jio’s new 4G JioPhone is almost free
And if you’re able to return the phone after three years, then it becomes totally free. Plans are pretty affordable, too, especially for rural lands.
Latest research ranks US LTE availability in the global top five, average speeds near the bottom of the chart
There’s good and bad news for US mobile users in OpenSignal’s latest “State of LTE” report. Basically, LTE speeds are horrible, but availability is great.
AT&T 5G Evolution℠ with Galaxy S8 acts as a bridge to official 5G service
It is not 5G. No one has an idea of what kind of spec we need 5G to be. But AT&T wants to get started moving somewhere, and that “somewhere” is Austin.
AT&T Project AirGig plans to spread 5G through the power grid
AT&T has been working on a way to not have to install fiber or set up towers to support its network. The solution? Plastic antennas on power lines.
5G service sounds amazing but is it necessary?
4Gbps download speed sounds cool right?! Sure it does but the more appropriate question would be: is 5G technology really necessary yet?
China has 1.3 billion cellular carrier subscribers
This amorphous blob we keep referring to as “China” has been a…
For smartphone shoppers on a budget, TextNow Wireless is a great option
One of the worst parts about buying a smartphone is the monthly plan, so we tried out TextNow Wireless. Here are our thoughts on the MVNO 2 weeks in!
Verizon LTE Nexus 7
Carriers should continue to build-out HSPA networks even though LTE is faster
Spectrum is a funny thing and can only accommodate so many connections. That’s why it’s vital that carriers continue to build out their HSPA networks.
How vacation technology can make life easier and more challenging
Ahh vacation. A chance to unwind. Recharge the batteries. Travel across the…
Even Mighty LTE Has Its Limitations
Our CES experience reminded us that not even 4G LTE technology can deal with crushing smartphone and tablet demand. Read on to experience this sobering reminder for yourself.
The Nexus 4 Doesn’t Have LTE. Should You Care?
Google’s Nexus 4 smartphone doesn’t include LTE, the gold standard for 4G. Read on to see whether you should care about this shortcoming.
Will LTE Crumble Too?
LTE is fast, cool, and awesome. Read on to find out how much longer the 4G wireless technology will stay that way.
Simultaneous Voice & Data: The #1 Feature You Take For Granted
Talking and surfing … at the same time. Once a luxury ability used to differentiate AT&T’s network from Verizon’s, now it’s common– and underappreciated.
Motorola Asanti, Vanquish Tipped for AT&T, Verizon
We’ve gotten a bit of information on some upcoming Motorola devices, including…
Samsung Focus 2 Review
After having announced the (then-named) Windows Phone 7 Series platform at Mobile…
Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Review
If you’re on Sprint, or looking to change carriers, you’ll have a difficult time finding a better Android-powered smartphone than the EVO 4G LTE. I’m not looking forward to sending this one back.
This Is How AT&T Covers 19,000 People Under One Roof
To ensure its customers enjoy reliable service at sporting events, AT&T has installed a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) inside Boston’s TD Garden arena. This network of over a hundred miniature cell sites completely blankets the arena in cellular coverage. This morning, AT&T and TD Garden representatives allowed some press folks, myself included, a peek behind the curtain to see the guts of the network enhancements.