Taiwan braces for shut down of 3G network on December 31

Tens of thousands of 3G-only customers need to be moved over before the network shuts down at the end of the year. They’re getting toilet paper as a gift.

The Pocophone F1 is available in the US with big limitations

You can now buy a Pocophone F1 in the United States through some eBay sellers. Just be warned of its limitations before you buy one

Three UK ends sales of 3G phones, still operates network

The HSPA network will be left up for devices that support it, but Three just won’t sell phones that don’t have LTE on them.

Nokia 3310 4G casually goes official in China, commercially launching next month

Without so much as a heads-up, a Nokia 3310 4G version has surfaced on the company’s official Chinese website, unfortunately lacking pricing information.

T-Mobile LTE CellSpot gets an update, Signal Booster introduced

One device brings a good T-Mobile signal closer to home. The other turns your home internet into a new T-Mobile cell site.

Nokia 3310 3G goes up for US pre-orders at Best Buy, starts shipping in select European markets

Future-proofed and compatible with modern cellular networks, the Nokia 3310 3G is priced at $59.99 stateside, £60 in the UK, and €70 in Germany.

‘Modern’ Nokia 3310 gets long overdue 3G support for expansion in ‘more countries’

Initially limited to ancient 2G connectivity, the 2017 “reimagining” of the Nokia 3310 classic is finally getting 3G speeds in unspecified markets.

In New York, Verizon has only 20MHz of CDMA left to replace

A big piece of LTE has come into place in the United States’s biggest market for the nation’s most subscribed-to mobile network.

A Surface Phone? This is probably a patent for a Microsoft mobile hotspot

Don’t get your hopes up for a a flip phone-style device with Windows 10 Mobile on ARM64. Microsoft is apparently interested in that design for a hotspot.

China has 1.3 billion cellular carrier subscribers

This amorphous blob we keep referring to as “China” has been a…
Verizon LTE Nexus 7

Carriers should continue to build-out HSPA networks even though LTE is faster

Spectrum is a funny thing and can only accommodate so many connections. That’s why it’s vital that carriers continue to build out their HSPA networks.

Simultaneous Voice & Data: The #1 Feature You Take For Granted

Talking and surfing … at the same time. Once a luxury ability used to differentiate AT&T’s network from Verizon’s, now it’s common– and underappreciated.

This Is How AT&T Covers 19,000 People Under One Roof

To ensure its customers enjoy reliable service at sporting events, AT&T has installed a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) inside Boston’s TD Garden arena. This network of over a hundred miniature cell sites completely blankets the arena in cellular coverage. This morning, AT&T and TD Garden representatives allowed some press folks, myself included, a peek behind the curtain to see the guts of the network enhancements.