Pocketnow Daily: Huawei OS reportedly FASTER than Android! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about Huawei’s new OS that could be up to 60% faster than Android, more Google Pixel 4 renders and more.
Pocketnow Daily: Google WARNS the US that Huawei Ban is a mistake! (video)
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Google Stadia
Pocketnow Daily: STADIA: What you SHOULD know! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the Google’s Stadia with its features, Huawei’s new 5G deal, Galaxy Note 10 renders and more.
Apple is slowly killing off 3D Touch with iOS 13
A recent report confirms rumors that suggested Apple is about to slowly kill 3D Touch in iPhone with the latest iOS 13 update.
The iPhone Xr can now expand notifications with iOS 12.1.1 and Haptic Touch
The iPhone Xr gets new features with the arrival of the latest iOS 12.1.1 software that will give Haptic Touch a more important role in your device
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will likely include some sort of advanced Force Touch technology
Made (moderately) popular by Apple, Force Touch or 3D Touch technology is reportedly headed to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in some shape or form.
Samsung pretty much (re)confirms Bixby name, Galaxy S8 also expected to ‘partly’ use 3D Touch tech
You know the virtual home button on the upcoming Galaxy S8? It should detect different levels of pressure, rumor has it. And yes, Bixby is almost here too.
Raft of KGI notes signal that Apple is focused on replacing Touch ID, 3D Touch, but not Sharp
According to one longtime analyst, Apple is also looking into facial recognition, a new 3D Touch experience and more displays from Sharp.
Samsung Galaxy S8 now predictably rumored to sport ‘force touch’ display
The looming Samsung Galaxy S8 could integrate everything but the kitchen sink to make up for the Note 7, pressure sensitive tech included.
Blu Pure XR Review: Exploring 3D touch on Android
The Blu Pure XR brings a lot of great things to the midrange table, including an Apple-Meets-Samsung feature called the “Edge bar”. Intrigued? C’mon in.
iPhone SE, 3D Touch, and the dreaded “Fragmentation” discussion…
As Apple encourages developers to embrace features like 3D Touch, will we see a widening gap of “feature fragmentation” on older iPhones?
Exciting features coming to 3D Touch, but how will iOS users find them?
As iOS becomes more complicated, and with exciting features coming to 3D Touch, how will iPhone owners find out about new gestures and controls?
ForcePhone software could make any phone pressure-sensitive sans sensors or special screens
Google and its hardware-making partners haven’t been able to find an answer to Apple’s 3D Touch tech just yet, but here comes the ForcePhone concept.
“Shy User Interface” is Microsoft’s answer to 3D Touch
Instead of remembering to stab your iPhone for more features and information, maybe you might hover over a button instead.
Siri and 3D Touch combine for this contacts- and photos-revealing iPhone lockscreen attack
Find out how attackers can view your contacts and photos with this iPhone lockscreen vulnerability, and what you can do to keep your phone safe.
Meizu PRO 6 prototype leaked with possible Force Touch support
Someone got a crack into one of Meizu’s future flagships while the chief designer of the company’s UI has spoiled some possible Force Touch features.
The three best smartphone features (that haven’t taken off)
The best smartphone features of 2016 are the ones you’re not using – and in some cases, you’re better off.
3 Microsoft Office apps and OneNote get 3D Touch, Apple Pencil functionality
And they also get that Apple Pencil going on, too. There are actually a bunch of new features to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even OneNote to get to.
3D Touch should still be coming to the iPad, even if it skips the iPad Air 3
The iPad Air 3 may sit the tech out, but we’re rumored to finally get iPad 3D Touch support on the next generation of models.
Apple iPad Air 3 rumors look to first-half-2016 launch, but no 3D Touch
We didn’t get a new regular-sized iPad this year, but new Apple iPad Air 3 rumors suggest the tablet could land sometime in the first half of 2016.
Apple patents a way to bring Force Touch to keyboards
Learn more about a new patent that Apple just filed, which envisions bringing some Force Touch sensors into Mac keyboard in the future
A real iPhone weighing scale app, Gravity, is rejected
The Huawei Mate S was the first device that prominently featured Force…
Samsung patent reveals work towards pressure-sensitive smartphone input
Will this Samsung pressure-sensitive touch patent lead to its own version of 3D Touch surfacing for the Galaxy S7?