It’s said that Apple may give us 3D rear cameras in their iPhones
Apple could be giving us Sony 3D sensors in the main cameras of future iPhones that would help in 3D content creation and more
Apple to test 2018 iPhone pipeline after last year’s TrueDepth snafu
It was rumored to be one of the dragging factors that kept the iPhone X from getting out to customers with the other iPhones last year.
VR pros and enthusiasts, rejoice: the 17-lens Samsung 360 Round camera is ‘only’ $10,500
If you’re a little more serious about your VR content creation than what the Gear 360 can handle, check out the professional-grade Samsung 360 Round.
iPhone 8’s Face ID explained and demonstrated
The final version of iOS 11 has been leaked in a “golden master” and now we’re dissecting the software interface and hardware behind “Face ID.”
Source says there’s iPhone 8 panic at Apple, and not the good kind
Software engineers are tipped to be on a scary slope to delays for major features like facial recognition and wireless charging on this $1,000+ iPhone.
Camera maker stoked on holographic smartphone, RED HYDROGEN
A boutique high-end camera-maker is now drawing pre-orders for a phone that will purportedly capture and display holographic content in 2D and 3D.
Apple is now rumored to be working with LG Innotek on 3D facial recognition system for iPhone 8
With Touch ID possibly out of the equation, Apple needs a killer iPhone 8 facial recognition feature, and LG Innotek may help get it done.
Latest round of iPhone 8 speculation details ‘3D-sensing’ front camera, RAM and ROM options
In addition to no screen bezels or home button, the redesigned face of the groundbreaking iPhone 8 should bring a 3D-capable selfie cam to the table.
Microsoft’s 3D strategy suggests a lot about its mobile strategy
Microsoft unveiled some cool looking tech outlining its 3D strategy going forward, but does that spell doom for Windows 10 Mobile?
ZTE Axon 7 Max supports naked eye 3D viewing, 3D photo-taking with dual 13MP cams
The China-unveiled ZTE Axon 7 Max is a little more than an oversized Axon 7, with innovative (gimmicky?) 3D support in tow.
Windows 10 Creators Update officially coming ‘early 2017’ with 3D creation focus
The Windows 10 Creators Update, aka Redstone 2, will soon head out for free to Win 10 devices with a big emphasis on 3D content.
Is a Nexus 3D camera a good idea?
Oh boy. Remember this thing? The HTC EVO 3D was one of two…
Amazon 3D Phone rumors
Here’s how Amazon could do a 3D phone and not fail
Rumors are surfacing about Amazon playing with the idea of finally bringing…
Someone Poke 3D – It Died Again
We’re very likely looking at another slump in 3D adoption, until OEMs figure out how to deliver a truly stunning experience without so many compromises. Until then, it seems inevitable that mobile displays offering more than two dimensions will remain at most a novelty, and at worst, another in the long line of failed 3D fad products.