Acer Holo360 camera comes with Android 7.1 and 3-inch touchscreen, Vision360 syncs to the cloud

There’s no need to connect the “all-in-one” Acer Holo360 to a phone or PC. The Vision360 in-car camera is also great for uploading content to the cloud.

Manufacturing the R11: Shenzhen Oppo Factory Tour – 360° Video

Have you ever been curious how your phone is made? We took a trip to Shenzhen China. Manufacturing the R11: Shenzhen Oppo Factory Tour!

Google takes a step back to make VR content creation practical and cheap with VR180 technology

VR180 sounds inferior to 360-degree video recording, but as Google sees it, this could be the future of virtual reality content creation.

Garmin VIRB 360 camera throws caution aside with $800 price, unbeatable specs, rugged design

If you’re convinced 360-degree content is the future, you can put your money where your mouth is with the state-of-the-art Garmin VIRB 360 camera.

‘New’ Samsung Gear 360 camera costs $229 starting May 25, $49 for Galaxy S8 buyers

The second-gen Samsung Gear 360 looks… different, comes with important 360-degree video recording upgrades and yet it’s cheaper than the original.

HTC U11 teased again, this time alluding to native 360-degree video capture

“360 real-life recording” is all what HTC says. What does that really mean? And how will it be executed on a smartphone, not a dedicated bifocal camera?

Google and YI Technology take the wraps off the spectacular YI HALO VR camera rig

Google’s next-gen Jump VR camera is developed in collaboration with YI Technology rather than GoPro, stitching together a grand total of 17 4K shooters.

Samsung’s New Gear 360 camera: Top 5 pros and cons for shooting 360 (video)

After spending about a week testing the second-gen Samsung Gear 360 camera, we’re basically impressed and disappointed by the same exact things.