Samsung Galaxy S9+ review
Another day, another Galaxy S9 bundle deal from Best Buy – this time with free Gear 360
Best Buy’s unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are still pretty expensive, but they now include a $230-worth Gear 360 camera at no additional cost.
Quick take: Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera (video)
In addition to capturing impressive 360 photos and videos, the Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera offers unique features, like full manual controls (exposure up to 32sec), RAW photo support, plus slow-motion, time-lapse, and bullet-time video.
Samsung bundles new Gear 360 and Gear VR at a very special price today only
If you already own a high-end Samsung smartphone, you might also be interested in purchasing a new Gear 360 and Gear VR at a combined $200 price.
Amazon bundles Essential Phone and 360 Camera at $399 for Cyber Monday only
Originally priced at $699 by itself, the divisive but attractive Essential Phone costs $399 with a 360 camera add-on bundled in for a very limited time.
VR pros and enthusiasts, rejoice: the 17-lens Samsung 360 Round camera is ‘only’ $10,500
If you’re a little more serious about your VR content creation than what the Gear 360 can handle, check out the professional-grade Samsung 360 Round.
Acer Holo360 camera comes with Android 7.1 and 3-inch touchscreen, Vision360 syncs to the cloud
There’s no need to connect the “all-in-one” Acer Holo360 to a phone or PC. The Vision360 in-car camera is also great for uploading content to the cloud.
Insta360 One aims to revolutionize 360-degree video recording by making the tech practical
The $300 Insta360 One might just be the most useful 360-degree camera released so far, thanks mainly to a neat post-processing trick.
Sprint’s ‘exclusive’ Essential Phone pre-orders are underway with Flex Lease discounts
Andy Rubin’s much-hyped Essential Phone is moving one giant step closer to wide US availability today, as Sprint kicks off pre-orders.
Moto Z2 Force hands-on: a light and agile specialist smartphone
The Moto Z2 Force debuts as Motorola’s premium smartphone for 2017 with some chips on its shoulder and some new Moto Mods by its side.
Essential Phone combines modularity with a simple but striking design and top-shelf specs
Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone brings us a step closer to the bezelless dream while experimenting with modular accessories, 360 camera included.
Garmin VIRB 360 camera throws caution aside with $800 price, unbeatable specs, rugged design
If you’re convinced 360-degree content is the future, you can put your money where your mouth is with the state-of-the-art Garmin VIRB 360 camera.
‘New’ Samsung Gear 360 camera costs $229 starting May 25, $49 for Galaxy S8 buyers
The second-gen Samsung Gear 360 looks… different, comes with important 360-degree video recording upgrades and yet it’s cheaper than the original.
HTC U11 teased again, this time alluding to native 360-degree video capture
“360 real-life recording” is all what HTC says. What does that really mean? And how will it be executed on a smartphone, not a dedicated bifocal camera?
Nubia NeoAir VR is ZTE’s camera for 360-degree content
The Nubia Z17 Mini came out today and had a little tack-on 360-degree camera to go along with it. It’s ZTE’s first try at such a camera.
Samsung’s New Gear 360 camera: Top 5 pros and cons for shooting 360 (video)
After spending about a week testing the second-gen Samsung Gear 360 camera, we’re basically impressed and disappointed by the same exact things.
Huawei joins forces with Insta360 to unveil 360-degree Honor VR Camera
Huawei’s Honor VR Camera, developed in conjunction with startup Insta360, is the latest 360-degree smartphone accessory headed “internationally” soon.
Do we need 4K 360-degree video glasses? The ORBI Prime proves popular
In its first day, the ORBI Prime has garnered half of its funding goal. People are excited for some action specs with bleeding edge video possibilities.
Alcatel Vision might be the powerful all-in-one VR headset we’ve all been waiting for
Out of nowhere, the Alcatel Vision breaks cover at IFA 2016 as one of the world’s very few VR gadgets not needing a smartphone or PC to function.