2019 iPhone 11r
2019 iPhone 11r / iPhone XIr gets rendered with dual-cameras
These leaked renders of the 2019 iPhone 11r or iPhone XIR are attempting to predict what the phone will look like and its features.
iPhone X resale value
Sharp and JDI could join Samsung and LG in supplying OLED iPhone panels this year
The OLED iPhone display supply chain is about to get really crowded and competitive, with Sharp and JDI likely to throw their hats in the Samsung-dominated ring soon enough.
Apple plans large LG Innotek investment to ensure stable next-gen Face ID production
The entire next generation of iPhones is widely expected to support Face ID recognition, and Apple has no problem spending large sums of money to help out key supply partners.
2018’s iPhone X Plus display could hit 6.5 inches, LCD iPhone at 6.1 inches
But it’s not going to be as big as you think it will be, just as the iPhone X isn’t as big as its 5.8-inch display makes it out to be…
KGI’s Kuo predicts no big changes for the rear camera design of 2018’s iPhone X sequel (s)
It’s unclear if we should expect one, two or three iPhone X sequels in 2018, but no matter the number, the rear cameras will likely stay largely the same.