iPhone XS video
iPhone XS video shows off realistic concept
Take a look at this iPhone XS video! It shows off the two iPhone XS models, a 5.8- and a 6.5-inch version, in copper gold.
Apple is massively flying it in with cargo planes from China
What is Apple preparing to massively fly in from China with cargo planes? The 2018 Apple Airlift is about to start. Read more!
2018 iPhones
2018 iPhones with faster wireless charging on pre-order September 14
Faster iPhone wireless charging will reportedly available on select 2018 models. Their pre-order dates have also been subject to chatter.
No-bezel iPad hinted in iOS beta, iPhone announcement predicted for September 12
An inspection of iOS 12 developer beta 5 leads to the discovery of an icon depicting a bezel-less iPad, while the iPhone event is predicted for September 12
Apple is reportedly considering ‘simpler’ 2018 iPhone names
One 2018 iPhone could be simply called the iPhone, with no numbers or additional letters, while the iPhone X’s OLED sequels are expected to carry iPhone X and X Plus branding.
First-gen iPhone X will not get year-on discount, but disappear instead
KGI Securities speculates that Apple will maintain $999 as the “value price” for a brand as prestigious as the iPhone X. This year’s model will not get a discount and will disappear from view.
iPhone X resale value
Sharp and JDI could join Samsung and LG in supplying OLED iPhone panels this year
The OLED iPhone display supply chain is about to get really crowded and competitive, with Sharp and JDI likely to throw their hats in the Samsung-dominated ring soon enough.
Second investment firm sees three 2018 iPhones with Face ID
Dual-SIM capability on one iPhone, the other gets a cheaper screen at the same price as the “normal” iPhone this year. Speculation continues to pile on.
2018’s iPhone X Plus display could hit 6.5 inches, LCD iPhone at 6.1 inches
But it’s not going to be as big as you think it will be, just as the iPhone X isn’t as big as its 5.8-inch display makes it out to be…
Main camera of 2018 iPhones could move above 12 megapixels
As the competition ekes its way back above 13 megapixels, — especially with LG and Sony leading the pack — will Apple play ball?