#Bendgate? Apple acknowledges some 2018 iPad Pros ship with a bend

If your 2018 iPad Pro is bent out of the box, don’t worry! Apple says it is perfectly normal as a side-effect of the manufacturing process.

Report claims new iPads will look similar to the iPhone 5

A new report comes with a new bit of information on the new iPad, adding to what we have previously seen and heard about it.
2018 iPad Pro

2018 iPad Pro will reportedly be thin, ditch headphone jack

A new report has surfaced about the 2018 iPad Pro, claiming it will be incredibly thin. However, this also brings some bad news.
2018 iPad Pro

2018 iPad Pro details: Face ID in landscape, 4K HDR video output, and more

This new report details some of the upcoming features of the new 2018 iPad Pro models. Check out to see what to expect from the new slates.

No-bezel iPad hinted in iOS beta, iPhone announcement predicted for September 12

An inspection of iOS 12 developer beta 5 leads to the discovery of an icon depicting a bezel-less iPad, while the iPhone event is predicted for September 12

Upgraded iPad Pro tipped for WWDC 2018 announcement in 11 and 12.9-inch sizes

It’s certainly not surprising to hear Apple could be working on two new iPad Pro variants, but the smaller 2018 model is expected to measure around 11 inches in screen diagonal.

iOS 11.3 firmware mentions “Modern iPad,” signals new-gen iPad Pro with Face ID

“iPhone_Modern” was the term used inside firmware to talk about what would become the iPhone X. So, we know that there’s a new iPad or two coming this year. What’s new?

Apple plans large LG Innotek investment to ensure stable next-gen Face ID production

The entire next generation of iPhones is widely expected to support Face ID recognition, and Apple has no problem spending large sums of money to help out key supply partners.

Next-gen iPad Pros will reportedly use 7nm-based Apple A11X Bionic SoC with octa-core CPU

The next-gen Apple A11X chip is expected to bring a slew of important improvements to the 2018 iPad Pro lineup, octa-core CPU included.

Though with Face ID, 2018 iPad Pro won’t get OLED display

It’s already hard enough to procure OLED smartphone displays. But at least we know that at least one new iPad Pro is coming our way next year.