#Bendgate? Apple acknowledges some 2018 iPad Pros ship with a bend
If your 2018 iPad Pro is bent out of the box, don’t worry! Apple says it is perfectly normal as a side-effect of the manufacturing process.
Report claims new iPads will look similar to the iPhone 5
A new report comes with a new bit of information on the new iPad, adding to what we have previously seen and heard about it.
2018 iPad Pro
2018 iPad Pro will reportedly be thin, ditch headphone jack
A new report has surfaced about the 2018 iPad Pro, claiming it will be incredibly thin. However, this also brings some bad news.
2018 iPad Pro
2018 iPad Pro details: Face ID in landscape, 4K HDR video output, and more
This new report details some of the upcoming features of the new 2018 iPad Pro models. Check out to see what to expect from the new slates.
2018 iPad
2018 iPad line-up coming this fall, iOS 12 Beta suggests
Information inside the iOS 12 Beta that just got released hints towards 2018 iPad line-up coming this fall with landscape Face ID.