Best smartphones with a 108-megapixel camera
Packing a 108-megapixel camera in phones is going to be a key trend in 2020. If you’re looking for such a device, here are the best options to choose from.
Rumors give 12GB RAM in all Galaxy S20 models, 16GB in the S20 Ultra
We could have more RAM in the most expensive variant of the Samsung Galaxy S20, but we could also lose another great feature
108MP Mi Phone launching in India soon
Xiaomi India has teased a new phone launch for India. The teaser has been rolled out via Twitter, and the company has highlighted that “108MP is coming”.
The new Galaxy S11 lineup could be more of the same from Samsung
The new Samsung Galaxy S11 may be just like previous versions of the Galaxy series, while the new iPhone may come to impress with a new design