Does Android Wear need a bit of the Apple Watch’s luxury appeal for certain wristwatch connoisseurs to start taking it seriously? If so, they’re about to get just that in the form of Tag Heuer’s first smartwatch offering, with the watchmaker set to introduce its Android Wear model next month. As the company gets ready, it’s started a public countdown timer to its November 9 announcement, and has been been offering us a further look at what to expect from the model, sharing the teaser pic you see above.

We’ve known to expect a smartwatch modeled off the company’s existing Carrera watch body, and while there’s enough variation in the Carrera line to mean we’re not seeing a perfect match here, the circular display and side crown button are very much line with Carrera styling.

There’s also a new wrinkle with the smartwatch’s name, and while we previously thought the company had confirmed it as the Carrera Wearable 01, we haven’t seen that name feature prominently in recent promotion. On its countdown site, Tag Heuer instead refers to the “Tag Heuer Connected,” but right now we’re not 100% sure if that’s supposed to be the smartwatch itself, or might be some more over-arching branding for both this first model and future Tag Heuer Android Wear smartwatches. We suppose we’ll know for sure in under a month.

Source: Tag Heuer 1, 2 (Twitter)
Via: The Verge

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