The smartwatch market represents an interesting meeting of worlds: tech collides with fashion. Many of the efforts we’ve seen to date have been led by prominent electronics companies, though recent models like the Apple Watch are making big investments on the fashion side, as well. We’ve also heard about established watchmakers looking to expand their product lines into this new high-tech territory, companies like Swatch. The next to join those ranks will be Tag Heuer, as the Swiss brand prepares to introduce a smartwatch tomorrow.

Right now, we only know a few specifics about the watch. It will be based off the company’s existing Carrera design (above), and feature Intel tech within. We’ve also heard that Google may be involved to one extent or another, but it’s not yet clear if we’re talking about a full-on Android Wear model, or instead one running some custom software but with support for Android phones.

However it comes together, expect this to be a premium product, with pricing much more in line with the Apple Watch than more affordable Android Wear watches. At least, current Carrera options tend to be priced around the $5,000 mark, and while a smartwatch would sport very different internals, we can imagine Tag Heuer wouldn’t want it to come off as a budget alternative to one of its more traditional watches.

Update: It’s officially an Android Wear model, but further details are still elusive.

Source: Reuters
Via: Droid Life

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