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Tag Heuer’s Android Wear smartwatch is shaping up to be awesome

By Jaime Rivera April 29, 2015, 6:12 pm

There’s much debate over the viability of Android Wear, and especially when its 2014 sales were overshadowed by one day of Apple Watch sales. Still, the idea of a premium Android Wear offering might be a good approach, and the partnership between Tag Heuer, Google and Intel made a lot of noise a few weeks ago. At a time when a premium Apple Watch costs more than your average Toyota, competition is very much needed.

Sources claim that Tag Heuer’s Android Wear smartwatch, powered by an Intel Chip, will launch in October or November, and retail for $1400. The price might seem steep for you, but first of all, remember this is Tag Heuer we’re talking about. Second, remember that an Apple Watch with the links bracelet costs a crazy $1100 as well. To sweeten the pot Jean-Claude Biver, TAG Heuer’s CEO, said during a Hublot boutique opening that their smartwatch will offer 40 hours of battery life, something that already exceeds what every other Android Wear product and even the Apple Watch can do.

Tag Heuer is already a very popular Swiss brand on its own, up to the point where its watch face designs made a lot of controversy in Android Wear recently. If the implementation meets this promise, it’s easier to find Tag Heuer succeeding, then even Apple in that market sector.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Droid Life

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