Whether you admit it or not, John Legere is most famous for making the T-Mobile brand something to talk about in the US. His hilarious demeanor and his “Un-carrier” strategy has brought T-Mobile back to the lime light after a failed buy-out by AT&T just a few years ago. Legere is also famous for his predictions, and today he’s got a lot to say about two separate topics.

In an odd press release today, John Legere made a couple of predictions for 2015. One of these has to do with the Apple Watch, and the other has to do with his company reaching the goals they set out for 2014. When it comes to the Apple Watch, Legere states that even though he loves what Jawbone, Fitbit, Samsung and LG have done, the wearable market can go from a $1 billion business, to a $20 billion a year business. He predicts that it might not happen in 2015, but that a big turning point for the market will be the Apple Watch. According to Legere, this will be the device that will take the market from a niche to the mainstream.

When it comes to T-Mobile, he admits that the company wasn’t able to reach the goal of surpassing Sprint as the third largest carrier in the US. Legere commits to this reality happening in 2015, and with all the recent changes the company has made, we could expect that to happen as well.

Source: T-Mobile
Via: Cult Of Mac

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