Another Windows phone bites the dust, which shouldn’t come as a surprise when the Lumia family is barely hanging on, fresh software updates are headed for a small group of devices, and various market reports list the platform’s recent usage and sales share at negligible levels.

Still, it’s sad to see the T-Mobile-exclusive Alcatel Idol 4S go, just five months after its commercial debut at the “Un-carrier”, despite multiple discounts and extended deals that were supposed to keep the more than respectable 5.5-incher afloat.

Clearly, not enough people felt compelled to buy a Snapdragon 820 handheld with a Full HD screen, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, microSD support, 21/8MP cameras, 3000mAh battery and included virtual reality goggles even at under $300.

There’s always a chance TCL stopped manufacturing the Windows 10 Mobile gadget, but then you probably wouldn’t be able to purchase it unlocked from the online US Microsoft Store. The thing costs $400 there after a time-limited $70 markdown, although you can also find it on Amazon at $285.

For its part, T-Mo has confirmed the removal of the Idol 4S from its official website was deliberate, crushing hopes of a return while tactfully claiming it could “get another Alcatel or Windows phone to replace that one.” Did someone say Idol 5S? It’s a stretch, but maybe it shall arrive eventually… alongside the equally unlikely Surface Phone.

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