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T-Mobile will soon be available in nearly a thousand Best Buy stores nationwide

By Roland Udvarlaki August 27, 2021, 8:00 am
T-Mobile store featured

T-Mobile is one of the most popular wireless carriers in the United States, and it has expanded into thousands of Best Buy stores across the country over the years. It plans to do the same for Walmart, which means that the activations on the network will go up, it’ll have more new lines, upgrades and be able to offer its services in-store at many new Walmart and Best Buy retail locations.

Best Buy already allows you to buy T-Mobile plans at its retail stores, and the same can also be expected at Walmarts (via XDA-Developers). The news comes after the company has announced at its Virtual Analyst Day back in March that it plans to launch in nearly 1,000 Best Buy stores and 2,200 Walmart locations.


T-Mobile plans and devices are currently available on Best Buy’s website. T-Mobile is currently selling Essentials and Magenta plans, including specialty plans like 55+ and first responder ones. All of these are also available in-store. 

T-Mobile is one of the largest US carriers in the country, and it certainly has a lot of influence. Back when OnePlus launched the Nord N200 series, it was sold in high volumes, and it made 5G very affordable and cheap. Since then, T-Mobile has partnered up with other manufacturers to bring 5G to the masses, and it’s continuing to build out its next-generation network in multiple cities across the country.

T-Mobile has also come under scrutiny not that long ago for its lack of security since it was hacked by a group of hackers who stole tens of millions of private and personal information from the network. While the incident is still under investigation, T-Mobile has confirmed that the hacker may have stolen at least 48 million customers’ information.

What are your thoughts about T-Mobile’s plans? Are you more likely to do business with them if and when they launch a store near your local Best Buy or Walmart? Let us know in the comments!


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