The T-Mobile and Sprint merger finally tasted completion on April 1, creating what new CEO Mike Sievert called “the New T-Mobile.” Corporate christening aside, it was only a matter of time before the Sprint brand was sunset and T-Mobile took the center stage, something that has now been officially announced by the pink brand’s chief.

Sievert mentioned during an investor event that the company has “always been planning a summer timeframe” for creating a unified strategy and advertising a flagship T-Mobile brand before enterprises and customers. This strategy will slowly trickle down to the retail fleet, essentially erasing the Sprint name from all marketing campaigns.

The T-Mobile chief, who succeeds John Legere, also added that a “fired-up team of people across all of our retail fleet, which will be branded T-Mobile” will go into action to achieve that goal. While older Sprint users continue to remain on their carrier plans, it is only a matter of time before they are migrated to T-Mobile, hopefully without any re-registration hassles.

Via: Fierce Wireless

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