T-Mobile Will Aggressively Price HTC HD2, Motorola CLIQ XT

It looks like T-Mobile will be aggressively pricing the Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC HD2 and the slate Motorola CLIQ XT that runs the Android OS and MOTO BLUR.

The T-Mobile HTC HD2 will be priced at $199 after rebate and a two-year service agreement while the CLIQ XT will be priced at $130 after similar contract and rebate stipulations. What’s even better is that the contract-free versions of both handsets will also be priced aggressively, the former will run for a mere $450 while the latter will cost $330.

Update: TmoNews just updated their post to state that the no contract price for both devices will not require a rebate, but a data plan is required.

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Although the Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC HD2 is late to the game, especially as a Windows Mobile 6.5 device as Windows Phone 7 was unveiled by Microsoft at Mobile World Congress, T-Mobile is making strides in having the handset, which has been much coveted, reach the hands and pockets of as many as possible by bundling extra apps and pricing the device aggressively. The HTC HD2 for T-Mobile will feature a Blockbuster movie app for on-demand rentals, an e-reader app from Barnes & Noble for reading on the large capacitive touchscreen display, as well as Amazon’s music store for OTA downloads of tunes.

(via: TmoNews)

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