Ranked first among the “big four” operators in customer satisfaction by Consumer Reports, and hands down the network with the strongest marketing muscle nowadays, T-Mobile still has trouble markedly boosting its subscriber base.

People are often too comfortable or just outright lazy to ditch the carrier they’ve embraced years back, no matter their dissatisfaction for overage fees, meager coverage or high device prices. Not to mention all the exclusive benefits offered by Sprint to folks switching from T-Mobile, or Magenta itself when you hail from AT&T or Verizon.

Yes, disgruntled Big Red users, T-Mo has a freebie and important discount to give you for swapping carriers between tomorrow, December 11, and next Thursday, the 17. Namely, a gratis $100 Hulu gift code, which you can “spend” on a full year of “normal” service or eight-month ad-free subscription, and additional 50 percent off “select” accessories.

Wait, no, that’s up to half off, and unfortunately, we don’t have details on the exact savings applied to the “latest smartwatches, UE Boom and JBL Bluetooth speakers, top-of-the-line headphones, Fitbit fitness trackers and more.”

Therefore, we’re left dreaming of entry-level Apple Watch Sport configurations costing less than $200, absolutely no trade-in required, or perhaps a Fitbit Charge HR up for grabs at $75 as part of the promo. Maybe a $125 Moto 360? Come on, Magenta, give us something good, besides Hulu’s amazing library of hit TV shows and hot movies, as well as unlimited LTE Binge On streaming, if you really want to throw a monkey wrench into the growth plans of America’s already prevalent service provider.

Source: T-Mobile Newsroom

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