T-Mobile closes in on Verizon in network availability while taking all the speed crowns

Hilarious and efficient albeit sometimes tactless publicity stunts, irresistible deals and steals on new and old phones, a growing unlimited video streaming service, rising customer count, and according to OpenSignal’s latest “State of Mobile Networks” report, the fastest 3G and 4G LTE connections in the US.

How is T-Mobile still third in the subscriber ranks, well behind both Verizon and AT&T? It has to do with history, of course, and public perception, since Magenta is about to overtake Big Red in terms of 4G availability too.

Notice that the recent 2.8 billion measurements collected by 120K OpenSignal users tackle network “availability” instead of coverage, focusing on “the proportion of time LTE subscribers” have a blazing-fast connection within reach.

A key metric to help determine which major operator comes out on top overall nonetheless, and one where T-Mo has substantially improved in the past six months, beating AT&T for the silver medal, and challenging VZW, the leader by a measly 2.7 percentage points.

OpenSignal network comparison August

In the comparisons that are likely the most important for the everyday smartphone user, the “Uncarrier” dominates, edging out Verizon in 4G download speeds 16.28 to 15.94 Mbps, crushing all its opponents as far as 3G velocity goes, and winning the overall speed battle by a fairly slim margin.

Meanwhile, Sprint again prevails in 4G latency, but finishes dead last in three of the other five contests, with AT&T the textbook definition of mediocrity, as it’s unable to take home a single crown.

Source: OpenSignal

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