T-Mobile’s new dirt-cheap Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan comes with no option to add data

When T-Mobile promised to kill data plans, you probably didn’t expect the “Un-carrier” to take its commitment in such a literal way. Yet here we are, trying to wrap our heads around the utility of an “Unlimited Talk & Text Only” wireless option in 2017.

T-Mo’s newest plan was clearly launched with minimal fanfare, including no cellular data access whatsoever, which seems to go against everything CEO John Legere flamboyantly claims to believe in.

But shocking as it may sound, there are still people out there that like to use their phones exclusively for voice calls and messages. And as long as T-Mobile sells devices such as the Alcatel GO Flip, which aren’t great at surfing the web anyway, it makes sense to cover just unlimited minutes and texts for a monthly rate of $25.

That obviously includes all taxes and fees, and it could also be useful for folks who know they can always rely on a strong nearby Wi-Fi signal. Keep in mind that there’s no way to add data to the Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan if you reconsider your mobile phone usage routine, and you don’t get any discounts for extra lines either.

Every line up to a grand total of 12 is a flat $25, with unlimited talk and text provided in Mexico and Canada “just like in the US”, Stateside International Unlimited Texting when in the US and texting other countries, and Simple Global rates for voice and messaging in over 140 countries and destinations.

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