T-Mobile uncorks LTE speed limit for Apple Watch Series 3

T-Mobile’s basic cellular plan for the Apple Watch Series 3 tied to the T-Mobile ONE plan called for unlimited data on LTE, but only at 512kbps for $10 per month after AutoPay enrollment.

Realistically, users would not be able to use the watch as a conduit for large downloads that required unmetered high-speed data with its 4GB of on-board storage and Bluetooth-to-iPhone relay speeds… if a simultaneous transfer can be finagled. Heck, Apple Music flows at 256kbps, tops, and you’d be playing hopscotch with the CPU loading imagery of a map just as fast as the network can bring it.

But alas, people have complained about two things: that 512kbps is NOT enough and that the $25 cost for a SIM kit is superfluous as the Series 3 uses an embedded SIM.

Well, people wrote (or tweeted) to the top and CEO John Legere responded in kind:

Even though we’ve checked on the T-Mobile ONE plan for wearables and found that the 512kbps speed limit is still in, Legere’s call sounds like that limit will be gone soon enough. That pesky SIM fee is still there, too, but one customer reports not having been charged that fee.

More to come sooner or later, we suppose.

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