Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have all tried their best in recent months to suppress T-Mobile’s frequent industry-revolutionizing tactics, but while Magenta’s weekly Tuesday freebies aren’t always the greatest, and even Binge On comes with flaws and caveats, the 12th “iconic Un-carrier move” may well leave the competition gasping for air and desperately seeking a counterattack opportunity.

There probably isn’t one, unless “Dumb, Dumber & Yellow”, as John Legere likes to call the market’s number 1, 2 and 4 players, are similarly ready to permanently bid adieu to “the biggest wireless barrier yet”, data plans.

That’s right, starting today, T-Mo promises the words “plan” and “data” will leave your vocabulary, as their era is finally over. No tease, no joke, no marketing exaggerations or strings attached. A family of four can get T-Mobile ONE service with unlimited everything (talk, text and high-speed smartphone data) for just $40 per line.

The first is obviously the costliest line, at $70 a month, followed by the second’s flat $50 rate, and then third to eight shall only set you back $20 apiece. No tracking, monitoring or “policing” necessary, and no concerns of ever going beyond your allotted web browsing portion.

Un-carrier 12 changes come into play September 6 as far as new postpaid customers are concerned, at some point “in the future” for new prepaid recruits, and as soon as current T-Mobile subscribers choose to switch from existing plans. There, let that be the last time we speak of the “renegade” wireless company’s outdated limits and restrictions. P-word, begone!

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