T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 10 move could bring unlimited 4G video on Netflix, HBO, and more

It appears T-Mobile CEO John Legere does Netflix and chill. Or at least that’s what legendary Twitter tipster @evleaks heard from his generally dependable sources the Uncarrier 10 (or Un-Carrier X) announcement would be all about.

“Netflix, HBO, etc.”, says Evan Blass, suggesting other video services like Hulu or YouTube may also join the unlimited streaming party. Instead of staying quiet on the matter, which is the typical response of many tech execs to exposés of this sort, mocking or verbally attacking the leakster, i.e. the second most popular comeback, Legere reacted in a very Legere way, and publicly invited Blass to the operator’s November 10 Los Angeles event.

He declared his honor of being on the sleuth’s radar as well, identifying it as more proof T-Mo’s “made it”, although he obviously refrained from actually confirming or refuting the speculation. Come to think of it, that’s probably indirect corroboration of the rumors, since Legere would have been quick to prompt @evleaks to “keep trying” otherwise.

Purportedly called BingeOn, not Video Freedom, as some predicted, Magenta’s data-saving feature might help you never go over your allotted service goods again. Unfortunately, the unlimited video binging will reportedly be restricted to “4G” speeds, likely meaning HSPA+ instead of LTE. Quality concerns ensue if that’s the case, not to mention the inherent net neutrality controversies associated to this day with Music Freedom too. Tread carefully, Mr. Legere, and don’t let some people’s Netflix addiction cloud your judgment.

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