If you don’t need Netflix, this is your last chance to pay $100 for two standard T-Mobile lines

Even though in theory T-Mobile has “ONE” wireless plan to rule them all, the reality of the “UnCarrier’s” offers can often be as convoluted and confusing as those rival “hidden” fees John Legere loves to mock.

It’s important to remember T-Mo’s standard “unlimited everything” arrangement comes with its fair share of restrictions and catches, which you’ll need to pay extra to remove with ONE Plus and ONE Plus International options.

Meanwhile, your complimentary 2-screen Netflix subscription is only covered for 2+ lines of ONE service costing $120 and up a month. But if perhaps Netflix and chill is not your thing, there’s also a little-advertised promo letting you pay $100 for a pair of “unlimited” T-Mobile lines.

Unfortunately, this special offer that’s been discreetly going on for quite some time will reportedly be killed altogether on October 4. That’s tomorrow, so this is literally your final chance to contact the operator’s customer support and try to take advantage of a truly unbeatable deal.

All taxes and fees are included, mind you, unlike the latest Sprint Unlimited Freedom promotion hooking new customers up with two lines for a total of $90 until the end of October 2018.

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