T-Mobile is rather busy lately with the Spring merger. Even though it might have some negative consequences for the entire industry, the merger has been recently cleared by foreign investment regulator. A little over a year ago T-Mobile was building the buzz around Un-carrier-ing your TV this year, but apparently those plans have been changed and now pushed back to 2019. It’s not sure whether it’s because of the merger or anything else, but it will likely only happen next year.

According to unnamed sources cited by Bloomberg, T-Mobile was facing a rather tough decision. On one hand, there was the option to launch a typical streaming platform. The second option was to take more time and develop something more “groundbreaking”. Apparently, the carrier went with options number two.

Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Sling and others are what T-Mobile is going to compete against. When exactly the T-Mobile TV service will go live is anyone’s guess, despite last month the company telling Variety that it was “hard at work on our new home TV solution, and after launch, we’ll continue to innovate and expand T-Mobile’s entertainment solutions over time”.

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