T-Mobile Tuesdays program turns one, brings back all the best gifts, discounts and a special ‘thankathon’

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since Magenta changed the traditional carriers’ loyalty-rewarding game with its 11th “iconic” Un-carrier move known simply as T-Mobile Tuesdays?

It all feels so near and yet so far away, seeing as how T-Mo still finds sweet new ways to spoil its customers and incentivize potential switchers every week while already unleashing the Un-carrier 12.0 and Next wireless revolutions.

To properly celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of the T-Mobile Tuesdays program, some  of the “greatest hits” will play again on June 6, including free trucker hats for y’all, $0.25 off Shell fuel and two gratis Redbox movie or game rentals, one of which you’ll be able to give to a Verizon or AT&T-subscribed friend as a backhanded gift.

That doesn’t sound awfully special or celebratory, but it’s just the beginning of an extraordinary day and discount-packed summer. The real highlight of next week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays jubilee will be a 12-hour thankathon, with epic hourly prizes starting at 9 am PT ranging from free gas for a year to free movie tickets for a year, $2,000 StubHub credit and “much more.”

Meanwhile, you can secure your $4 access to the opening weekend for Wonder Woman today, and expect other identical promotions to arrive “later this summer” for three more Hollywood blockbusters.

Last but not least, T-Mo will partner with Baskin-Robbins to help you stay cool in June, offering free ice cream up to $4 in value on one of four Tuesdays, and a second sundae for $0.99 when you buy the first at regular price each and every week. Sweet!

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