T-Mobile lets you give and receive several gifts at the same time this coming Tuesday

If it’s starting to feel like T-Mobile Tuesdays have fizzled of late, the “Un-carrier” goes out of its way to bring the weekly promotions back into the spotlight with something new and kind of awesome.

No more distasteful puns and painfully unfunny advertising digs at the competition, with a far craftier method of trolling AT&T and Verizon devised so everybody wins on January 24. T-Mo customers can “give some” and “keep some” on Tuesday, with gifts up for grabs even for those locked to other networks.

You’re looking at a pair of free FandangoNOW movie rentals (up to $5 each), and two Shell Fuel Rewards vouchers for $0.25 per gallon discount up to 20 gallons for one fuel tank a pop, which you’ll be able to share with a friend or family member of your choice, no matter their carrier allegiance.

That’s a total of $10 in savings for yourself, and $10 for someone else, plus you also get a complimentary $15 Lyft ride that you can keep or give away. In the most John Legere way possible, of course, T-Mobile’s CEO wants us to know his gifts will be shared with Verizon skipper Lowell McAdam and AT&T head honcho Randall Stephenson to thank them for “donating so many customers for so many years.”

Shots fired, y’all, and this time, it doesn’t look like they’ll miss their mark.

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