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Visiting the US for 3 weeks or less? $30 T-Mobile Tourist Plan has everything you need

By Adrian Diaconescu May 31, 2016, 10:07 am

Leading “Uncarrier”, Death Star conqueror, international roaming champion, cheap streaming facilitator and perennial prankster T-Mobile no longer wants folks traveling stateside for brief stints to have to jump through Sprint’s hoops to enjoy wireless service. Or try hopelessly to decipher a “wall of plans” at Verizon. Or “pay twice as much at AT&T.”

Enter the ultra-low-cost, super-convenient, no-strings-attached Magenta Tourist Plan, available in stores starting June 12 for $30. That will only cover a one-time combination of data, talk and texting functions for three weeks, which you can’t renew after its expiration.

Still, coughing up 30 measly bucks upfront on 2GB data at 4G LTE speeds, unlimited domestic and abroad texting to 140+ countries and destinations, as well as 1,000 minutes of domestic talk within the US, is pretty sweet. And mind you, the prepaid Tourist Plan lets you surf the web beyond the 2 gig mark also, only at lower speeds, coming with a free included SIM card you can slot right into your GSM unlocked phone.

Any catches or fine print you need to consider and look out for before signing up for three weeks of “hassle-free” nationwide T-Mobile service? None that we’re able to identify at the moment, aside from obvious number porting restrictions and no international talk or other add-ons being at hand if you want a little something, something extra. No Binge On either, but don’t get greedy now, as you’re offered plenty for the price of an affordable dinner.

Source: T-Mobile

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