T-Mobile has launched its 15th Un-carrier initiative, the latest in a series of policy changes to cater to customer needs, wants and complaints. One change announced in particular this time around seems to have centered around thousands of complaints all across the telecom industry.

In response to customer “rage” against automated support systems, days of cumulative hold time and inefficient customer support structures at the call center level, the network has launched Team of Experts, groups of up to 40 human representatives in call centers around the country — CEO John Legere framed the coverage as being local to customers’ cities and communities, though no specific number was mentioned at the announcement.

Customers calling in can choose to opt-in to the old automated system through the phone or else, service will be provided from the nearest call center through voice, email or chat. Team members working all around the clock will be able to assist each other during calls if in case they need specialty skills in certain departments, thus reducing hold times. If there is a queue for service, customers can wait in line or reschedule the call for a specific time.

Program piloting has turned out positive results both for customers and for the company: employment turnover has dropped 48 percent in trial markets and while installation and setup costs were expensive, the overall cost of servicing has gone down. Team of Experts goes live today for all T-Mobile postpaid and business customers, including through Apple Business Chat.

Legere also mentioned that he looks to implement the Team system with Sprint customers if and once the carriers’ merger is approved by regulators and investors. He also invited the competition from AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and other service providers to tour a call center, turn away from bots, automation and customer deflection and adopt its technologies — some of them, he noted, are patent pending.

The executive finally hinted that T-Mobile is also set to disrupt the television provision industry in the near future, perhaps with its recent acquisition of Level3 TV.

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