T-Mobile and Sprint’s long-rumored merger may not be announced until ‘mid or late November’

The wait goes on, anticipation will continue to build, and the US wireless “duopoly’s” disruption still needs time to “finalize details.”

According to “people familiar with the matter” speaking with Bloomberg again on the typical condition of anonymity, T-Mobile and Sprint’s all-stock merger is unlikely to go through by the time the two cellular companies are expected to separately reveal their latest quarterly financial results.

Of course, “go through” may not be the best way to put it, as this oft-delayed announcement of the two’s intentions to join forces against Verizon and AT&T will have to be supported by approval from industry regulators for any deal to ultimately get settled.

It’s unclear exactly what’s holding up the important first official step in a consolidation effort that’s been many years in the making. Current negotiations are rumored to have started months ago, and for the most part, the terms seem etched in stone.

Still, if T-Mobile and Sprint will indeed release solo earnings reports with no formal mention of an impending union towards the end of the month, “several weeks” might then go by without the highly anticipated merger agreement gaining official confirmation.

Another theory is the third and fourth largest US mobile operators will postpone their respective earnings calls until the final details of this deal are decided sometime in mid or late November. Either way, there’s no telling when or if the FCC will ever give the green light.

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