T-Mobile and Sprint merger could be closer than we think

It seems that T-Mobile and Sprint are getting closer to merge into one network. Recent information came directly from these companies to CNBC that confirms that the merger deal is expected to be cleared by a US national security panel if a condition is met.

T-Mobile and Sprint are working to get the approval of their merger from the Committee on Foreign Investment in United States. In order to get this clearance, both companies have to reduce their use of Huawei devices and products.

U.S. government officials have been pressuring T-Mobile’s German majority owner, Deutsche Telekom, to stop using Huawei equipment, the sources said, over concerns that Huawei is effectively controlled by the Chinese state and its network equipment may contain “back doors” that could enable cyber espionage, something which Huawei denies.

Sprint’s parent company SoftBank and T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom are looking for other alternatives made by Nokia and Ericsson to replace 4G network equipment from Huawei. Now they only have to get the FCC’s approval for the merger.

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