T-Mobile has invested not only building out its own network in the run-up to 5G service through its low-band licenses at 600MHz, but it has also spent money in expediting the process for television stations still on the frequency — and would still be there for a long time with the lack of properly-skilled labor to adjust their transmissions.

The carrier has funded repacking efforts for translators for the PBS service in West Virginia and is helping the myTV affiliate in the New York metropolitan area change channels. Now, it has another station in its belt.

KXAS-TV channel 5 serving Dallas, Fort Worth and a wide swath of central and northern Texas will now be moving its operations sometime late in May, more than a year before the FCC-mandated repacking deadline of June 21, 2019.

The move will allow T-Mobile to set towers for 600MHz to enhance current 4G LTE coverage and prepare for the 5G network, which it hopes to launch in 2019. The coverage area goes from Waco to the south to Sherman in the north and from Weatherford in the west to Athens in the east — more than 180 miles in diameter.

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