T-Mobile brings back iconic Sidekick brand for the world’s first ‘Smartshoephone’ (not really)

Based on the rampant success of last year’s updated Nokia 3310 dumb phone, and the excitement already generated by the “reloaded” 8110 banana phone, a T-Mobile Sidekick comeback wouldn’t exactly be unfathomable.

But the “cult classic that changed everything” is getting rebooted into a whole new type of device “for the new millennium.” Meet the world’s first “Smartshoephone”, which is closely connected to the world’s first full body wearable, coincidentally unveiled by T-Mo precisely one year ago.

There are a bunch of groundbreaking technologies built into every swanky pair of T-Mobile Sidekicks, including an “edge to edge smart design synaptic touchscreen on the sole”, sole speakers, retractable smart laces, and easy access to your very own “no-BS personal voice assistant.”

Unfortunately, it’s all part of an early April Fool’s joke, just like last year. Not all of it, of course, with actual pre-orders underway on the BeMagenta e-store for (dumb) T-Mobile Sidekicks.

You’ll only have to cough up $65 to support another classic “Un-carrier” prank, with shipments set to begin on May 7. And judging from a number of official “product images”, the shoes indeed look “dope AF.” If only they included at least a couple of the features jokingly advertised in T-Mo’s brilliant new promo video. That poo alert alone would have made the reimagined Sidekicks sell like hotcakes.

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