T-Mobile starts taking Samsung Gear S2 orders, Gear VR to follow suit soon

As anticipated exactly a month ago, the first circular smartwatch from the worldwide king of smartphone shipments is rapidly spreading to US carriers. Well, perhaps “rapidly” isn’t the right word, given the Samsung Gear S2 is still stuck on pre-order status at AT&T, nowhere to be found with Sprint support, and already backordered through T-Mobile.

That’s right, it only took Magenta roughly 24 hours to use up however many units were on sale to begin with. There must have not been a lot, although the cellular-capable wearable was deemed a great hit in Korea off the bat.

T-Mo will of course continue to take your orders at $359.99, promising to deliver the Gear S2 in 5 to 7 days. Or you could try your luck in “participating” brick and mortar stores, where we’re guessing inventory remains scanty.

If paying $360 all at once feels a little inconvenient, the “Uncarrier” alternatively lets you split that in 24 monthly fees of $15. Or you can head over to Verizon, and cough up $300 and $350 on and off-contract respectively. AT&T is by far the most generous operator/Samsung retail partner, charging $200 or $300 with or without pacts.

On a vaguely related note, T-Mobile should become the first American wireless service provider to sell the latest Samsung Gear VR on November 27. This is actually the rookie consumer edition after a pair of developer-centric models, and it works with four phones: the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge+, and Note 5.

Just like through Best Buy, and any other merchant set to join the launch party shortly, the virtual reality device shall cost $100 at T-Mobile.

Sources: T-Mobile, Droid-Life

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