T-Mobile celebrates Galaxy S9 launch in style by setting two (crazy) world records

T-Mobile sure likes to have fun unboxing all the hot new phones in the most epic ways you can imagine, but the “Un-carrier” has decided to double down on the viral and quirky publicity stunts to properly celebrate the Galaxy S9 and S9+ launch.

After making first contact with Samsung’s latest flagships on the Moon (no, not really), T-Mo is combining the “fastest ever superphones” from the world’s number one mobile device vendor with the “fastest network ever.”

The world’s most “extra” speed test sees two new Guinness World Records titles awarded to a professional waterskier hired by T-Mobile to emphasize the Galaxy S9’s insane performance in the most extreme conditions, as well as a giant magenta airship employed to… prove this wireless service provider will spare no expense to make headlines.

You obviously shouldn’t “even think” about trying any of the crazy stuff demonstrated in the video above, although at least you now know the Galaxy S9 delivers truly record-breaking speed.

By the way, tomorrow is the big day, when the world’s best cameraphone, with the world’s best display, is coming to authorized retailers nationwide. That includes T-Mobile, where the smaller GS9 variant, with its single rear-facing shooter and 4GB RAM, costs $720, or $30 a month with an Equipment Installment Plan and no down payment. The 6GB memory-packing, dual cam-sporting S9+ fetches $120 upfront with $30 a month, amounting to a grand total of $840.

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