T-Mobile puts both Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 on limited-time BOGO arrangements

T-Mobile has already been probably the most generous major US carrier for both early LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 adopters, with a bunch of discounts, freebies you could mix and match, and exclusively extended bundle deals respectively.

But it’s now possible to take things to the next level, as part of always enticing BOGO arrangements. That’s right, those who buy an “Infinity Display” Android flagship from T-Mo over the coming weeks are eligible for a bonus Galaxy S8 or LG G6 unit at no extra charge.

Magenta appears to be aggressively promoting the S8’s limited-time buy-one-get-one offer on its official website, while the terms and conditions of the two-for-one G6 deal can only be found on a dedicated LG portal.

Guess it’s pretty obvious which of the two phones is more popular, although the other one is actually significantly cheaper. Amazingly enough, T-Mobile still charges $500 instead of the $650 MSRP for the LG G6, a discounted price that now includes a pair of Snapdragon 821 powerhouses with super-slim bezels.

Technically, you’ll need to pay the full $1,000, of which you’ll receive $500 back as an electronic rebate check by email within six weeks of “verification and approval.”

As far as the Galaxy S8 is concerned, the savings go all the way up to $750, but you also have to cough up a little more. Namely, $30 down and $30 a month after rebates for two years, amounting to $750.

There aren’t any other strings attached, making T-Mo’s BOGO deals much sweeter than AT&T’s similar combos, which require some form of DirecTV subscription.

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