Leaked render reminds us T-Mobile is also supposed to carry the Galaxy S8 Active

While Samsung’s Active-branded rugged smartphones have never tried to cater to the masses, it’s undoubtedly been disappointing for butterfingers committed to a different operator than AT&T to witness the device family’s years of exclusivity.

That changes now soon, as T-Mobile reportedly gears up to release the military-grade durable Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. Unfortunately, it may already be too late for the “Un-carrier” to capture the attention of outdoors-loving phone users, even though the beautiful but fragile Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t exactly qualify as an S8 Active replacement.

It’s possible that it’ll come down to whether or not T-Mo can undercut AT&T, with the latter still charging an exorbitant $850, or $28.34 a month for 30 months, for the flat-screened 5.8-inch handset with a roughly 75 percent display-to-body ratio.

There doesn’t seem to be any difference whatsoever between the two carriers’ GS8 Active versions, based on a freshly ev-leaked render of Magenta’s upcoming “Meteor Gray” model. There’s no network logo on any of the two variants, just a “Galaxy S8 Active” imprint around the back, and no frontal physical buttons either.

If you asked us to venture a guess, we’d probably bet on T-Mobile’s Galaxy S8 Active launch happening on November 22, which would be nearly three and a half months after the AT&T debut. Then again, November 24 is Black Friday, so a big discount off the bat looks pretty much guaranteed.

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