Crazy as it sounds, T-Mobile currently sells Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and LG V20 at $360 a pop

Can’t think of a sweeter possible deal than a now expired $500 unlocked LG V20, or recent special Galaxy S7/S7 Edge offers with free microSD cards, Netflix subscriptions or HDTVs bundled in? Well, T-Mobile can, and the “Un-carrier” acts on its latest brilliant promotional idea, selling your choice of the three aforementioned high-end phones for a measly $360.

No catches, no visible strings attached, just a reasonable obligation to sign up to a “qualifying” plan and finance agreement. Normally, Magenta would charge $673 for the flat-screened Samsung Galaxy S7, $769 for the LG V20, and $779 as far as the dual-curved GS7 Edge is concerned.

Therefore, you’re looking at massive $313, $409 and $419 savings respectively, no doubt for a limited time only. You’re even free to buy last year’s best flagship Androids outright or with monthly payment plans at those substantially discounted prices.

T-Mobile once again outshines the competition, including AT&T, which still wants $415 for its V20 version after a 50 percent markdown. Remember, LG’s super-powerful, sharp and handsome 5.7-incher runs 7.0 Nougat out the box, while the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have multitasking improvements, battery-optimizing features, fresh security patches and everything else on their way OTA as we speak. Mustnotbetempted! Ah, forget it, just pull the trigger already.

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