T-Mobile brings back Samsung Galaxy S7 BOGO love for limited time

A free LG G5 or iPad mini 4, as well as a heavily discounted iPhone SE, iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Air 2, sounded like killer Black Friday deals possibly in the works at the nation’s leading “UnCarrier.” But there was also something off about a prospective buy-one-get-one-half-off arrangement on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 flagship.

Thankfully, T-Mobile either reconsidered the terms of its latest BOGO promotion, or that Reddit tipster has just been proven wrong by an early weekend sale letting you “treat yo self” to a pair of GS7s at the regular price of only one unit from Friday, November 11 to Sunday the 13th.

That’s a proper BOGO package, i.e. Buy One Get One free, and all you need to do to qualify for 24 complimentary monthly credits of $28.75 each ($690 in total) is purchase your first Galaxy S7 copy with an Equipment Installment Plan and add an eligible line of service.

You’ll of course need to pay your $690 to score an extra $690 pre-holiday gift, or you can opt for a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or S6 Edge+, and both cough up a little less, as well as receive a slightly humbler two-year freebie package.

T-Mo will also obviously allow you to combine any two models of the above, and get the typically cheaper one for free. Alas, there’s no new BOGO love in store for the S7 Edge.

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