Remember back when voice minutes were what you looked at when weighing cellular service plans? Five hundred here, one thousand there? And we were so obsessive over taking full advantage of these precious minutes that carriers started offering “rollover” plans, where the unused minutes from one month wouldn’t evaporate at the end of the billing cycle, but add themselves to your allotment for the following month. With 2015 nearly upon us, minutes are old news, and these days its data on eveyone’s mind. T-Mobile figures what worked for minutes will work for data, and in today’s latest Uncarrer announcement reveals plans for a data rollover scheme it’s calling Data Stash.

Beginning in January, unused data on certain Simple Choice plans will be added to this Data Stash at the end of each month, ready for you to use it in the future whenever you need it. There’s no ceiling to how much data you can store like that, though you only have one year to use it before it really does go away for good. And to start things off, T-Mobile’s giving subscribers a bonus 10GB for their Data Stash buckets.

Sound pretty good? Sure, but mind the limitations. For instance, this data rollover only works on postpaid plans – even though T-Mobile decries networks where users “find out they bought more than they need which is then confiscated by the carrier,” adding, “for the consumer it’s lose, lose,” that apparently doesn’t apply to unused prepaid data. To its credit, the carrier briefly mentions that Data Stash for prepaid should be “coming soon,” though with no hard ETA.

And maybe you were already being miserly with your data, subscribing to a 1GB Simple Choice plan; excited now about the prospect of keeping your leftover megabytes and having a little more breathing room next month? Too bad, because Data Stash only works on plans 3GB and up. All in all, T-Mobile’s effort sounds like a good idea – we just wish it went a lot further.

Source: T-Mobile

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