Legere says Blackberry “on a comeback” as T-Mobile works on Priv deal

Brett Dennen isn’t the only one that loves a comeback. John McCain isn’t the only Comeback Kid. And it took a comeback for Apple to be in the elephant position it’s been in for several years now. BlackBerry CEO John Chen believes the company can pull a Justin Timberlake and bring sexy back. Now we know that T-Mobile CEO John Legere believes so, too. How? Like in this lede, through word association.

Seriously, a word association game. Who knew those things could be so telling?

For example, when a CNET reporter mentioned “5G,” COO Mike Sievert responded with “2020.” It might be as early as a couple years before then when “Greedy” and “Red” (AT&T, as per Sievert, and Verizon, according to Legere) start promoting their own networks.

When met with the word “BlackBerry,” a company that has just launched its first Android smartphone, Legere responded with “on a comeback.”

T-Mobile carried the BlackBerry Classic earlier this year after more than a year without a device carriage agreement between the two. T-Mobile had previously just went on a campaign to switch its BlackBerry users to iPhones.

While AT&T is the only network with the Priv at the moment and with Verizon availability coming sometime before the new year, a T-Mobile spokesperson said that “we may have something to report soon,” as Big Magenta is “definitely talking with BlackBerry.”

Chen, in turn, is “energized about our renewed relationship with T-Mobile,” more than we can safely say for any of Microsoft’s brass with the Un-carrier.

Source: CNET
Via: CrackBerry 

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