Even more so than launch dates, pricing info always seems to be the last detail to arrive before a smartphone finally becomes available. We’ve seen some recent leaks of T-Mobile’s roadmap for the next couple months, chock full of dates, but lacking that all-important pricing info. This evening we may get a sense for how some of those phones will be priced, thanks to a leak out of Walmart.

Obviously, carrier prices could vary from what a retailer like Walmart charges, but especially for launch hardware, it’s likely to be pretty close. We recently learned that Sprint will sell its Galaxy Note II for close to $300, but had yet to hear what T-Mobile was thinking for its own version of the handset. If what we see here is accurate, it looks like it could be mirroring that $300 price tag.

In Windows Phone land things are a little more affordable. This info shows HTC’s Windows Phone 8X arriving for just under $150 on-contract, while the Lumia 810 manages to break the $100 mark.

Source: TmoNews

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